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Artery Brand Co., Ltd.

Established since 2017

                ARTERY : While most clothing brands may believe in balance and symmetry to create forms of perfect beauty, we see it differently. Our concept seeks uniqueness of each individual towards “deconstructivism philosophy”, through the form of “asymmetric structure”. Each design is the illustration of an artwork. Our clothes are beyond fashion nor style.
You may find the freedom to be yourself in our designs while flourishing along your social endeavours.
                 We regard woman’s apparel as everyday art, which brings attentiveness to the quality in materials, production processes and services, to deliver the most functional and worthiest products to you.


Inspired by designing and dancing background, Achiraya sees beauty in the way of being imperfect. She believes that every person is beautiful in their own way. This idea is her motivation to deliver ARTERY’s designs to the world.

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